Pet fish and fish supplies for sale in Pensacola, FL

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I'm looking for a canister filter for my 75 gallon tank if you have one reasonable please tag me
EUC. Meet in Pace and Pensacola. PPU in Pace?
Meets: AB or PPU 9mi/Buelah Rd. PM Publix or Neighborhood Market Pineforest/9mi. Mobile Hwy/Blue Angel. SOLD IS SOLD. I report. Transaction must be completed w/in 7 day rule.

Fish tanks

10 gallons $15 each 30 gallon $40 Or $50 for all 3
65 gallon aquarium with custom stand. Comes with tank, stand, glass top (versa top), fluval sea marine led light, aqueon hang on back filter rated 75g, and replacements for the filter. Tank dimensions: 18.4"L x 36.4"W x 25"H.
With lid and light, humidity guage, food/water dishes. We have a little bit of substrate new in a bag and some water treatment/dechlorinator, if you need it. Also some random shells.
3 plants, pebbles, beta and goldfish food, water conditioner and a net. PPU in Cordova park or meet for $25 or more.
GloFish tank with extra filters, food, more food, water conditioner, rocks, decor, and even a water heater that I bought separately. All you need is a Beta fish and you are good to go.
This comes two rocks and some grass. This size would be perfect for a beta fish. No pump, or filter. Ppu or AB
VGUC PPU 2527 Bowling Green Way 32533
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