I have 2 of these. $10 for one; $15 for both.

Fish tank

20-May-2018Gonzalez, FL(9 miles)Pet fish for sale
13 African cichlids
8 X10 X16 tank. Accessories included. Need gone ASAP.
NO AQUARIUM! Dirty, and one side of the top is broken. Everything works. 2 lamps, 1 filter system, 1 plastic backing (2 sided),1 bubbler thing. 5 NEW filters. Selling cheap because I don't wanna clean it! The filters alone are $10 at Walmart.
28-May-2018Bellview, FL(6 miles)Pet fish for sale
Welcome to try it
We used this for our bearded dragon, ppu only, ppu is off Olive Rd near Palafox. Need this picked up within 7 days. 12 hour holds Sold means sold No shows will be reported! Sorry! Thanks
Complete 55 gallon aquarium Stand with cabinets Marineland canister filter (retail ~$100) (canister filters are better than over top filters) Extra polishing pads that go in filter Lights Heater Digital thermometer (needs coin style battery) Air pump, tubing, two large air stones, suction cups to guide air tubing Chemicals - dechlorinator, plant food, algaefix, purigen bags (excellent filter ba...
EUC PM Acrylic ( no scratches) Light works bulb included We used first for fish and then to grow succulents! No FILTER included ( part: aquarium model pfes 05hx) Water tight
EUC Coral, net, plastic plants and sculpture
Good used condition Great starter tank for a small creature Or as a terrarium We used for both. Hard screen removable top Small chip along edge in one side... ( Still water tight... I checked!)
9-Jun-2018Pace, FL(20 miles)Pet fish for sale
20 gallon fish aquarium with everything, Stand Power filter, LED light, heater, glass lid, live plants, accessories Asking 200.00 Must pick up
Fluval light for freshwater tank; fits 48 -60 aquarium. Perfect for plant growth. Has adjustable day and night time settings, and adjustable color features; even mimics thunderstorms. Remote control, costs 100+ at your local pet store PPU in Gulf Breeze or Pensacola
Beautiful 47 Gallon Aquarium currently has Blood Parrot, Angel Fish, 3 brisslenose plecos , 4 albino Corry cats...I am hating to get rid of it but need the money. It come with heater, sponge filter, air pump, filter....I have raised these Fish from babies....please message if interested in any fish or the whole set up!
EUC PM 32504 Coral, net, plastic plants and sculpture meant for a tank. The coral is pretty nice size and shape! Price is for all items listed ( $3 total)
Euc. Non smoking home. Ppu off of Michigan ave
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