Needs love and lots of attention. Mini is a fun little thing that needs a good home with folks able to handle her often and giver her love. She is free with everything. A little extra food and bedding as well. Also another cage not posted. Ppu at 3102 East Avery St. She is cross posted
Hamster with cage and ball
It has wood rot and needs much work. I m going to be giving it away to whoever wants to take on the challenge of woodworking. Was used originally with the rabbit and then with housing chicks after we lost the rabbit.
GUC bought a few months ago, but I've built ew cages and don't need it anymore
GUC hutch, came with my rabbit, but I have new cages and don't need this any more
Great condition but could use a good scrub down. It's in my patio room out of the weather. Used 3 weeks to integrate baby chicks into my flock.
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